How to size up your opponent and gain the upper-hand.

In most games around the world, it is not about the size of a person rather it is the skills that a person has. It is also about being able to use these skills to the best of your advantage. In some instances, most people are afraid of facing their opponents as they look or seem to be bigger or more skilled than them. Below are some things you can try out hence size up with your opponent during a basketball game.

Learn to release to the ball in good time. When you are faced with a tall basketball player, consider releasing to the ball early enough before they get to where you are. This will keep them moving. If they are tall, chances are that they will have the advantage in adjusting your shots, hence if you reduce the amount of time you spend with the ball, they are less likely to intercept or snatch the ball from you. This can be a winning tactic.

Improve your passes. Being able to pass the ball effectively can give you the upper hand in your match-up. If you are playing a longer defender be careful of the deflections you give up as they will likely be turnovers. Pass fake where there hands are to freeze them, the make your pass. One of my coaches always said; “fake a pass to make a pass”. If they are a smaller defender, do not leave the ground when you pass because if they are smart they will draw a charge on you.

Watch and learn your opponents. For most players, there is always something specific that they do during the game: their go-to move. By studying your opponents, you may identify it and take advantage of it. You will be able to identify how to stop their go-to move and their counter-move. When the game is on the line they are 99% of the time going to use their go-to move. Being able to understand this and stop it wins games.

As a player, you may decide to practice scoring against your match-up. If going against a bigger defender that is a shot blocker, use shot fakes to get them in the air and go around them. Or, attack directly into their chest when they attempt to block your shot. This will take away their shot blocking ability and you will get the and one.

It is also important to practice high arcing shots, or floaters, in the lane to minimize the chance of your shots getting blocked by the opponent. This skill combined with complete passes can be advantageous. Generally, sizing up with your opponent is more of being able to play in a manner that is unpredictable to them. Whereby, they are not sure what your next move is or your next move is one that they cannot stop. No matter the size or skills of your opponents, playing as a team is the key to winning the game.

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  1. Paul igetbuckets says:

    This is pretty good stuff.. I like the stuff on shot blockers because I play against a ton of them. Can you post about how to get your footwork better??

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