“When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.”
– George Washington Carver

I have come to the conclusion that people are constantly evaluating and judging other people.  Not always judging in a negative way, also in a positive way, regardless it is in our nature to judge other people.  With that being said, I ask the question as to why do we always feel like we have to act in a certain way or be a certain way based on what we believe others might think of us?  If people were constantly judging other people, wouldn’t it make sense to do what you want to do, how you want to do it, and be judged for doing things your way?  Now it is a little bit easier said than done, but all it really takes is us getting out of our own way, even if it makes us a little uncomfortable and standing up as who we know ourselves to be.  Sometimes we don’t want to say or act in the way we truly feel because it doesn’t go along with the majority.  In order to be great, sometimes we must deviate from the most commonly traveled path of others.

When we can break out of the normal and take on living full out in the way we choose, then we can make a massive impact in our own lives and on the world.  Anyone who has achieved great accomplishments has lived without much regard to the judgments placed on him or her.  When Steve Jobs was creating Apple, or Martin Luther King Jr. was sharing his dream, or as Mark Zuckerberg was developing Facebook, and while Michael Jordan became one of the greatest basketball players in history, it would be safe to say that they didn’t really care about anyone that was judging what they were doing.  They all had people watching them, saying they were crazy for having a vision, spending so much time at work on their craft and even people who despised what they were up to.  To be extraordinary, you must tune out what the ordinary are saying.  When Mark Zuckerberg or Michael Jordan got ridiculed for spending so much time developing Facebook or practicing basketball, do you think they cared?  No, they knew what they were out to accomplish and it didn’t matter how many people didn’t agree with it, or how many people attempted to take them off track or say it couldn’t be done.  They knew they were creating something brilliant and out to accomplish extraordinary feats and there was nothing that could get in the way of that.

Many people want to be the greatest athlete at a sport, or want to create the next billion-dollar company.  Then someone says we are crazy and instead of sticking true to our beliefs, we buy into their small thinking.  I’m going to tell you that no one accomplished anything great that can’t believe in, or fuel the dreams, of someone else.  Stick to the uncommon path of greatness you know you belong on, and soon the rest of the world will be watching you instead of judging you.


After a five-year career as a Registered Nurse, Sarah Higgins transitioned out of the medical field and found her passion as a Health Coach and business owner at Active Nutrition. The career path she had been on took a turn when she was introduced to nutrition and fitness as a way to prevent disease and…


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    I love your articles. They push me to perform day in and day out. #folkersystem