Grow Your Vision, Grow Your Life.

 “Vision without execution is hallucination.”  – Thomas A. Edison

I recently discovered the definition of vision.  According to, vision is “being able to see where you’re going, in both literal and figurative senses.  It is ultimately about knowing the result you want and being willing to make difficult choices to achieve that result.  It means compromising on choices, masking your ideals, exerting inhuman levels of patience, and being able to see what’s in your path so that you can tell the difference between a choice that feels right and a choice that gets you the long term results that you want.”

As Helen Keller says, the only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision.  So many people go through life doing things…going to school, going to college, picking a major, getting a job, getting married, having kids and the list goes on, without ever really having a purpose or a vision being why life is happening this way.   Don’t get me wrong, if this path has been your vision since you were a kid and it is unfolding just the way you saw, that is AMAZING.  On the other hand, if you see this as the path commonly traveled, but not your unique vision true to the life you want to live, I invite you to look closer at the path you are on and the actions you are taking.

I invite you to think about your vision for your life and what you want to do and where you see yourself going for the next 50 years.  Take a minute and really think about where you want to live, what kind of work you want to do, what your family looks like, are you running your own business or becoming the best athlete your sport has ever seen?  Are you traveling the world or making a difference in your local community?  Where is your dream home and what is your dream car?  Are there things in the world you want to change?  Where is your voice heard?  Where are you showcasing your greatest skills?

First we must know the results we want to achieve if we plan on going anywhere.  Once we know exactly where we see ourselves, then we are willing to risk the usual to make our vision and our dreams come true.  When we have a big vision for our life, we are willing to make difficult choices and take the path that will allow us to obtain the long-term results we see for ourselves.  We are also able to endure the hard times when it feels as if nothing is moving and we aren’t getting anywhere.  This experience could be during the days and days of practice that happen through a losing streak, or the beginning of a business where no one sees your vision yet.  Having the ability to see the ultimate result is what will carry you through the inhumane times where the ordinary people would give up and sell out on their dreams and vision.  Know that when you hit this point, you have two choices, give up or get up and keep going.  Your vision is yours, and you are the only one who can go out and make it happen.  What are you willing to go through to make your vision your reality?


After a five-year career as a Registered Nurse, Sarah Higgins transitioned out of the medical field and found her passion as a Health Coach and business owner at Active Nutrition. The career path she had been on took a turn when she was introduced to nutrition and fitness as a way to prevent disease and…


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