Taking Chances

 “100% of the shots you don’t take you miss.”

What stops someone from taking a chance in life and doing something extraordinary?  It’s my understanding that there are many things that stop someone from taking a chance and going after what they really want.  Maybe they failed in the past and they don’t want to experience failure again.  Another possibility is they have been conditioned from an early age to follow a particular path in regards to school and career.  Or maybe they are afraid of the greatness that lies on the other side of jumping out into the unknown and taking a chance on life.

Often times we get so use to the way that our lives are going, whether life is stagnant or it is amazing.  It takes courage to step away from whatever situation we are currently in.  If life is stagnant, I’m going to recommend from my personal experience, to take a chance and go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go or do something that you’ve always wanted to do.  After college, I remained in the same city and surrounded myself with many of the same things I was doing while in college.  I continued on to get my masters in nursing and when I was done, I found myself evaluating where I was in life.  I was at a crossroads, either get a new job in the same city and stay with the familiar, or take a chance and break out of the familiar box where I was living.  I decided to take a chance and I moved to Los Angeles on a whim.  I knew two people hadn’t been to the city in close to 15 years.  At that point it didn’t matter, I knew that I was eager to grow out of the life I had, take a chance and explore a brand new experience.  I feel in love with Los Angeles immediately after moving and the past two years have opened more doors than I could have imagined.  I found my true calling in health, business and life coaching, which lead me to leading my own business.  This was not something that was even close to being in my mind before I moved, and I can safely bet that my life would have remained similar to what it had been for years if I didn’t take the leap and make the move to Los Angeles.

If you are able to make such a big life decision at this point, I say go for it!  Move to a new city, take that new job, go to the college that isn’t down the street from your high school where all your friends are going.  If you aren’t at that point, I invite you to do something for a day that allows you to take a chance.  Go get out of your comfort zone and explore what life has to offer.  Go to a new gym, play basketball with a new pickup league or go travel somewhere for a week where you don’t know anyone.  I promise you the experiences you will have and the people you will meet will blow you away if you are open to something new.  Life becomes richer with each new experience.  Through these experiences, we may feel scared, lonely and even a longing to be back in our comfort zone.  Moving past all these feelings allows us to get into the excitement and discovery that comes with new experiences.  There we may just find whatever it is that truly gives us joy and lights us up to the core!


After a five-year career as a Registered Nurse, Sarah Higgins transitioned out of the medical field and found her passion as a Health Coach and business owner at Active Nutrition. The career path she had been on took a turn when she was introduced to nutrition and fitness as a way to prevent disease and…


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