Try On a New View

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves – Viktor Frankl

We can’t get ourselves out of a problem by using the same thinking that got us into the problem.  In tough times, we must challenge ourselves to take a step back and look at what is going on with a fresh perspective.  This sounds pretty easy, but why is it that we find ourselves turned off by the idea of change?  And how exactly do we look at something with a fresh perspective?  We are often so consumed with viewing any area of life a certain way, we forget that we have the power to change our perspective at any time.  It is possible that one of the reasons that we don’t try on a new view, is because we are afraid that what we might see will change everything.  What if a new view would change everything for the better?

We can take the example of a sports team that has started off with a losing season, a team that doesn’t look like it has much hope for going past the regular season and into the championships.  This team cannot do anything to change their current situation.  There really is no way to go back and change the scores of the previous game, or change the record.  What the team must do is take on a new view of themselves, and take a look at what they can change about what they are currently doing that could lead to a different outcome in the coming games.  This new view must start at the individual level, with each player.  When each player takes on the view of being a champion, changing from just a player in the game, to a champion, this view shifts how each player is going to play the game.  Then the team must look at the unit as a whole and see what must change.  The team must view themselves as champions and makes the necessary changes to act as champions.  This could mean double day practices, longer practices and harder practices.  This could also mean additional team bonding events so everyone relates to the team, and everyone on the team, as champions.  Champions are not individuals on a team; champions are built together as a community.  These new views will lead to changes that can dramatically affect the final outcome of a season.

I’m going to invite you to try on new views in many other areas of your life.  Maybe your parents are driving you crazy about school or sports, college or work.  Maybe you view them as nosy and nagging and you don’t want to talk to them.  What if you tried on the view that they were being loving and showing their support in the best way they knew possible?  How would that view change your relationship with your parents?

Where are you feeling frustrated or thinking that things will never change?  Try on a new view of the situation!  And then remember you must also change your actions to be able to watch the results you want fall into place.


After a five-year career as a Registered Nurse, Sarah Higgins transitioned out of the medical field and found her passion as a Health Coach and business owner at Active Nutrition. The career path she had been on took a turn when she was introduced to nutrition and fitness as a way to prevent disease and…


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