This is the first stage of a series of strength and conditioning workouts planned and developed by professionally certified coaches. Pooling resources from a number of industry leading trainers, this 4-week program aims to offer a number of benefits including:

– Fat Loss and Muscle Gain
– Increased Vertical Jump
– Increased Strength
– Increased Speed
– Increased Agility and Quickness

The program features a strength workout combined with a speed/agility/quickness workout for each day. Sets and reps are listed along with weight increments for the lifts.

FOLKERSYSTEM STAGE #1 is split into two separate programs; Varsity and Collegiate. The Varsity workout is perfect for individuals who have not yet been introduced to weight lifting. It has been developed to include a large number of body weight exercises and movements combined with plyometrics, speed training, and agility. This program is safe for all ages and requires NO EXPERIENCE.

The Collegiate workout is ideal for those who have some prior knowledge in the weight room and are looking for the perfect training program. Encompassing a number of strength training exercises combined with plyometrics, speed training, and agility, the collegiate program guarantees you reach your potential.